My Trip To Austin

My trip To Austin was a surprise trip for my birthday. My Dad took me, as I surprise from we got their Thursday night and left Sunday late afternoon We went for the entire weekend. When we first arrived We went to the Hotel and put down all of our stuff, and went to dinner. The next day We went to the track. And saw practice. It was cool to see all the drivers race for the first time, in person of course. The next day was practice 3 And we went to Haas Hill. And watched practice from there. it was cool to see it from a hairpin turn like that. Even though We were on turn 1. The next day was Qualifying. The most exciting day of the weekend. Also, I got to meet A world Champion. He raced for Ferrari He won the championship in 2009. If you guessed Kimi Raikkonen You would be right I got his autograph on a hat. It was super cool to meet him I also met Antonio Giovinazzo. Who talked to me and was super nice. Qualifying went as expected. Valtteri was on pole then Lewis then Max. This Was the race for the championship Lewis Needed to get fourth. To win the championship. It was also raced for third With Max and Charles. In the end, Valtteri 1st Lewis 2nd, and Max took home 3rd perfect finish for Mercedes. Red bull prevailed Against Leclerc. And I had one of the best days of my life.

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